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Kathleen Starr Vagt believes that complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit is the key to living a happier, more fulfilling, and purposeful life, and if more people are able to achieve this complete harmony, it will ultimately lead to the betterment of humanity. Kathleen's mission is to use her Life Force energy healing ability / Biofield energy healing ability / prayer to God / ability to harness God's Grace / Divine energy blessing to help people reach this harmony to further this goal. She has been serving the communities in northern California for over 25 years in holistic health. She regularly works with physical therapists, chiropractors, and business owners at health resorts and health clubs. 

Kathleen was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. She discovered her natural healing abilities at an early age when she was able to help her own family members and was guided to serve and seek the Divine in people since then. She knew that her life purpose was to help others. And to this end, she pursued hospital work and gathered skills that allowed her to support her patients and develop a supportive and compassionate approach to health at the same time.


She has always believed in a holistic approach to health and wellness for herself, her loved ones, and for others and pursued education in numerous holistic health modalities over the years. But in time, she began to realize that everything in the health and wellness space was missing the very thing that she felt was the most important to helping people - a true connection to the Divine. So she was left feeling disconnected from her life purpose, which led her on a long spiritual journey. 

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Kathleen's passion and devotion for the Divine and the Truth began to permeate every aspect and endeavor in her life, and her search eventually led her to Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, an Enlightened Spiritual Master and Divinely-gifted Being in 2009. Kathleen was amazed by the breadth and depth of science in his gifted and unique work and knew that she had found the source of Truth and connection to Divine that she had been seeking all along. 

Guruji has the unique ability to harness Life Force energy / God's Grace / Divine energy from the universe and transmit it to living organisms and non-living materials anywhere in the world. The energy performs intelligently and beneficially to the recipient’s unique needs. This phenomenon is called The Trivedi Effect®. He now has thousands of documented experiments that have been published in over 650 peer-reviewed scientific publications. These have garnered the attention of over 2,000 universities and institutions across 130 countries, which include the Ivy League universities and National Institutes of Health.

The energy of The Trivedi Effect® phenomenon is not just different from or better than the various existing energy or healing modalities. It is qualitatively different - miraculous to say the least, and is astounding scientists and changing the view on what is possible.

Moreover, Guruji's knowledge and wisdom focuses on universal principles of Truth and justice. He is not affiliated with any particular religion and supports and encourages people to follow whatever path leads them to God.

Kathleen started receiving Blessings from Guruji in 2009, which further developed her own natural ability to harness and transmit Life Force energy. Her Life Force energy healing ability / Biofield energy healing ability / prayer to God / ability to harness God's Grace / Divine energy blessing has been scientifically validated by trained scientists under rigorous laboratory conditions via cell-based and mouse model preclinical experiments, which have been published in peer-reviewed science journals.

DISCLAIMER: Kathleen Starr Vagt has not done any clinical trial that suggests any kind of results or benefits related to human health. No human health-related benefits have been scientifically validated, and Kathleen Starr Vagt does not give any guarantee to provide any kind of health benefits.

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