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Kathleen’s healing sessions are gentle, deep and profoundly effective. She has the innate ability to connect the Life Force energy from Nature to support my life situation. Issues from other lifetimes and this current one are healed on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A session from Kathleen is to be touched by the Goddess! Her work is a great help for my life and my whole family!

Jennifer L.

Kathleen, I wanted to let you know how the Bio Field Energy Transmission treatment we have been doing worked for me after working with you the first time. I could feel a total release of energy leaving my body. I went an unprecedented day without pain. The second time we did the Bio Field Energy treatment so much heat left my body. Many times I have felt so much better after our sessions. Last January when we did another Bio Field Energy Transmission I got the message “Faith”. I have had faith in myself and the universe since then. I can only assume that these Bio Field Energy Transmissions have been making me well! Thank you for all of your support and healing energy.

Margaret O.
I am a client of Kathleen Starr Vagt. At the time I had come in for a session she offered a Bio Field Energy Transmission to me that day. I felt more calmness, had better sleep and much less stressed out at my business. I am going to ask her to come and work with the employees.
Diane P., Owner of a Creative Workshop