Back in the fall of 2011 I was coming home from the airport coming back from L.A. I had been to a workshop in the field of my work.

I was driving alone through the mountains and I heard a clear voice to pull my car over at the water municipal station. It was a clear verbal voice. I knew I was alone in the car. Feeling low and disillusioned about parts of my life, I pulled over as I checked my backseat. Yes I was alone. Then I was told to turn on the radio.

There was an announcement to listen to the upcoming interview and talk by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi It seemed important. After all I had just heard Divine Being speak to me.

So I had enough time to keep driving about one and a half hours to where I would get radio reception.

I made it swiftly through the mountains to hear the radio talk.

They spoke of all he had been doing for people and agriculture and offered three Bio Field Energy Transmissions to help me in my life with better sleep and much more. I got home to receive my first Bio Energy Transmission.

I slept like I had never remembered sleeping before. I woke up the next morning to a sense of calmness that was Divine!

I received two more Bio Energy Transmissions that week and I continued to lose the worries and stress of the past days and weeks.

I wanted to meet this Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and soon I did.

This is how my journey started many years ago. I am blessed.

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